Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I spilled wax on my latest knitting project (as you may remember from Candle Wicks).  The wax soaked into the yarn and dried, leaving a hardened mess.  The only ways I could think of to get the wax out were fairly impractical, so I decided to rip out what I was working on and cut out the wax parts, in order to save the yarn for smaller projects.  This required the use of scissors.

I planned to start the new project to rip out the knitting and save the yarn during the car ride into town.  There was just one problem... I didn’t have a pair of scissors with me.  I still haven’t purchased a pair for my knitting bag, and have felt the effects on several occasions.  I was glad for the use of my mother-in-law’s scissors later in the day to be able to attend to my “project” in the wake of my mini-disaster.

God truly helped me to have a calm, almost blessed, attitude about the whole wax mess, and to rest in the knowledge that it is part of God’s beneficial plan.  I am thankful for scissors, that, with them, I was able to save the unadulterated pieces of yarn.  Perhaps God has more useful - more beneficial - things in store for me to create from the pieces.

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