Thursday, July 4, 2013

Spare Keys

I really like having pockets, because their use means that I’m less likely to forget my keys or phone somewhere.  Today was a day when I had no pockets.  I went to use the ladies’ room in the building next door at work, which requires a key.  I brought my keys over and found the door locked, but ajar, so went in.  I set my keys down to attend to other things, and, once finished, left the building and closed the door behind me.

I got about half-way to the building that I work in and realized that I had just effectively locked my keys in the other building.  Oops.  Fortunately for me, we keep a spare key in my office.  Retrieving my keys was, thus, a simple matter, thanks to the spare.  Without it, I would have had to waste a fair amount of time to acquire someone else’s keys, retrieve my keys, and then return the keys I borrowed to their owner.

For such a small and simple thing, it can save quite a bit of time and hassle.  I am thankful for spare keys, that God used ours in my life to save me from what could have been a frustrating circumstance.

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