Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekly Impressions - Poor Choices

My main spiritual battle of late is focused around my thoughts about my marriage.  I find myself dwelling on all of the things that my husband didn’t do, or should have done, or could have done better.  It doesn’t make for a very pleasant thought life, and it’s draining on our marriage.  My main weapon in the battle?  Reading the Bible - especially with a focus on being thankful.

I realized that I had let myself get busy and neglect my daily Bible reading.  My thought life often degrades in the wake of that priority switch.  Psalm 100 and 103 have been very helpful to center my focus and thoughts upon God, and how grateful I am for the things that He has done for me.  God didn’t give me my husband so that I could gripe about him.  He gave him to me so that I could glorify God by coming alongside him to be his helper, and so that my husband could glorify God by coming alongside me to lead me closer to God.

The more I shift my focus off of dwelling on what I don’t have, onto dwelling on what God has given me, the richer my life has been.  In this way, God has been helping me to crawl out of the hole that I dug myself into, and into the light of His joy once again.  I thank the Lord for the Bible, and that it helps to strengthen our “...shield of faith with which [we] will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.”

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