Monday, July 29, 2013


I love the portability and quick access of a laptop.  Yet it’s splendor is not truly complete without a wi-fi connection.  Such an increase in mobility grants the precarious placement of said laptop.  Just kidding... sort of.

All joking aside, I certainly enjoy the luxury of wi-fi.  No matter where I am in the house (yes, I do mean the bathroom), I can still work on my blog, access, and check up on how everyone is doing on social media.  That alone can increase my productivity, but it’s nice to be able to move easily depending upon my mood.

For example, I often enjoy sitting on my bed with a couple pillows and a lit candle.  However, if it’s day, I like to sit in the living room at the table or on the couch in enjoyment of the light.  Other times, I like the ambience - the almost story-like quiet - of my office/spare bedroom.  Even a soak in the bathtub on occasion, though that certainly requires a measure of caution.

I thank the Lord that we have wi-fi; for the available change in ambience, the convenience, and the productivity for which I can employ it.  As I strive to increase my Intentionality, I work to implement the use of my wi-fi and internet as a tool to focus more often on God, and less often on entertainment.  The more areas in which I can insert the discipline of God-centered focus, the better - and God is revealing the realm of possibilities to my mind.  I thank Him for the revelation, and pray that I remain steadfast.

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