Thursday, September 12, 2013

Showering Together

Those who have followed me for a little while know that I’m not a morning person.  The hardest part of my day is getting it started.  This morning, after the first snooze of the alarm, my husband suggested that we take shower together.  That sounded nice for multiple reasons, but the one I’ll highlight is that the warm water would help ease me into the day, while the presence of my husband would mean moral support (and Accountability) in the actual waking up part.  That may sound strange, but it’s the absolute truth.  (Not to mention the fact that I like to do just about anything with him.)

I am thankful that my husband suggested and followed through with showering together.  My husband may not have known about the moral support part, but the Lord did, and blessed me with a pleasant morning.  What are some ways that you have unknowingly (or knowingly) supported your spouse in the past?  What might you be able to do today? (Or tomorrow if you do this at night like I do?) 

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