Monday, May 19, 2014


Dear Lord,

It’s strange to think that I haven’t written a thankful thing on email, yet.  It’s certainly something that I use every day.  Thank You for the ability to write my thoughts down, edit it however many times I want to, and then send it off for the person to receive in his or her inbox immediately.  You know that I struggle with expressing my thoughts verbally, but writing seems to be the best way to organize my thoughts.  I am very thankful for that ability.

Honestly, though, I’m most thankful because it’s just easy.  Part of that ease comes from the above, and the fact that I find it easier to communicate when the person isn’t right in front of me (something that I think You are continuing to work on in me).  Yet I can also use it as a sort of to-do list of reminders from people, I can access it whenever I want, wherever I want (thank You for my iPhone!), and reply whenever I want.  Not to mention, I can communicate with an entire group of people who can respond in kind and keep everyone apprised.  It’s just easy!

Thank You, Lord, for email, and that it makes it easier for me to communicate.  Sometimes I feel as though I have a communication handicap, and email makes it easier to break through that.  Help me to focus on You throughout the day, until You permeate all my communication.  May my communication bring You glory.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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