Friday, September 21, 2012


You know that feeling when you “wake up” in the morning and the comforter is just so nice and plush and warm?  You start to move to get up, but then the plushness changes a little and feels so inviting. I can waste quite a bit of time in the morning just enjoying my comforter. Such blankets are aptly named. (And you wonder why I don’t just pop out of bed like one of those insane morning people...)

Yes, I am thankful for comforters. I am thankful for the above reason at the moment, but as with all things, they are as useful as how you employ them. Comforters are useful for a great many things. As a child and teenager, I occasionally used mine as a cape to enwrap myself on a morning I didn’t have to be anywhere. I could sort of ease into the day as I slowly shed my bedding. Comforters are the next best thing to cry on if no one is around. They make pretty cool tents, too. I enjoy that God gave us imaginations to make things versatile.

What are some ways you use comforters?

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  1. I so agree with you Jen! I have some kindred love for my comforters too. In fact, I get rid of ones that don't "speak to me" enough. Someday I plan to put some real money into a major down one and get a great duvet. The puffier the better. ��