Saturday, November 10, 2012


While I am thankful for Handwriting, I am also thankful for keyboards.  Paper and pen (or pencil, as suits your fancy) take far more time than a keyboard to write out a composition.  This is, of course, why it’s so special to receive something handwritten.  

They are also handy when they’re backlit... like on a Laptop, which allows you to write in the dark without trying to position or hold a flashlight... unless, of course, you’re in a place with a light, in which case it’s just faster...

At any rate, the fact that it’s faster makes it easier not to forget what I was planning on writing.  Sometimes I will be writing a sentence by hand and forget the wording that I wanted to use.  Then I focus on trying to remember the wording, or on rehashing it, and forget where I was going with it.  My train derails easily.  

This happens less with a keyboard.  I am thankful that God placed me in a time when a keyboard is readily available to me, so that I don’t have to work through my fumbling memory as often.  

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