Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Husband's Embrace

When encircled by my husband’s arms, I am so thankful for God’s gift to me of my husband.  His embrace induces a feeling of comfort, love, and safety for this moment while I’m held, that can’t seem to be duplicated any other way.  I don’t really want him to let go, because each moment becomes this moment, during which I’m soaking up his embrace and basking in the feelings.  God’s love seems so real - perhaps most real - in that moment.

God shows His love for me through His gifts, and my husband is not among the least, but among the very best of His gifts.  A husband ranks just under God’s salvation, mercy, Grace, Hope, and Love, and is even a conduit of those, except for salvation (that’s a bit of a one-time deal that only Jesus could carry out).  

When I’m struggling, I’ll sometimes ask my husband to hold me.  It’s a physical reminder that can help calm roiling feelings and remind me of the perspective that I ought to have:

God is in control... for our good and His glory... and He is all-powerful to accomplish His will.  Nothing can happen without His permission, and He will lead me through whatever trials He allows into my life.  I cannot escape...

His goodness
His love
His discipline
His mercy
His hope

...I cannot escape Him.  And why would I want to in this moment of love?  Each moment, God is holding me just like my husband’s embrace.

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