Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The God of All Comfort

It’s been a difficult few days with my fibromyalgia.  The pain is greater and I can feel my pain tolerance waning.  We have been studying 2 Corinthians in my ladies’ Bible Study, and in it, Paul names God as the God of all comfort.

The interesting thing about the word comfort, is that in the original greek, the word referred to coming alongside.  It isn’t the sort of comfy feeling you get when you snuggle with a blanket and hot cocoa, it’s the comfort of God Himself coming alongside you in your suffering.  In His Love, mercy, and Grace, He offers His Divine Power for us to draw upon.

That doesn’t always mean that He’ll take the pain away.  Though I pray for His healing, I know that He has a purpose for the pain that I feel:  the good of His children, and His glory.  Knowing that brings comfort, too.

God is right beside me through this pain.  He even knows what it feels like, and would never leave me to handle it alone.  I am so thankful for the comfort that God gives to His children.

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