Thursday, January 30, 2014

Coming Home to Him

One thing I rather enjoy is coming home to my sweetie.  It isn’t some special affair, where I’m welcomed with aplomb.  It is simply nice to know that he’s there waiting for me, and to see his face and give him a hug and a kiss when I get home.  (It’s nice to see my little man’s, too!)

If it has been a long day at work, and I’m tired and, perhaps, a bit bedraggled or the worse for wear, I find myself looking forward to seeing him.  Coming home to him is one of the simple things in life that I treasure.  I am thankful that God made that, too, a part of marriage.  I think it is a pale - yet apparent - reflection of how God is always there for us.  He just takes it the next step as only He can do, in that He is always with us, not just there to return to.

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