Thursday, January 30, 2014

Morning Embraces

The alarm goes off in the morning, and I touch my iPhone screen to snooze it.  I roll over and see my sweetheart in bed with me.  I cuddle up next to his warmth, and he wraps his arm around me in turn.  I love starting the day with his morning embraces.

When I hug him in bed, I often have this image of God looking down from heaven in my mind.  Our love of one another pleases Him, and I lift it up to Him in worship, and try to wrap my mind around His involvement in that relationship.  Just as God is three in one, He is the third person in our marriage - and a very necessary person at that.

I am thankful for morning embraces, for the Lord’s reminder of His presence, and for the love I feel for and from both my Savior and my sweetheart.  May the Lord help me be mindful of that love and presence throughout the day.

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