Monday, January 6, 2014

The One Not Sick

My husband and son came down with a stomach bug last night.  My poor husband was frequently up vomiting, and I discovered vomit on the carpet in my son’s room in the morning.  By the grace of God, I don't have it (or at least, I don’t yet).

My husband stayed in bed most of the day, feeling weak and nauseated.  My son was another matter.  I wouldn’t have known he was sick, except that there had been vomit in his room and he wasn’t very hungry throughout the day.  He was, however, his usual energetic self.  Mommy, however, could feel her body fighting the bug, and did not have an energy to match the little man’s.

Though I might be getting sick, I am not yet, and God still gave me the energy and strength to care for my family.  I often smile when I hear stories of families being sick, but there is one of them who isn’t.  It may not be an easy job being the one not sick, but it is a grace of God and gift to the rest of the family.  I thank God for His gift of the one not sick, and pray that this bug passes swiftly.

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