Monday, September 24, 2012


God gave us all personal likes and dislikes.  It’s part of what makes us able to partner with one another to fill in each other’s gaps.  Playlists reflect those likes and dislikes - and can be a way to share them with others.  I am truly thankful for the ability to create playlists.  It gives a lot more variety over a CD, and allows for your own choice of music, unlike a radio station.  And you can have multiple playlists for multiple occasions.

I use music as an aid.  I tailor the type of music that I play to help me get in the groove for whatever it is that I need to do (or tickle my mood within what I’m doing).  Upbeat music for working on the house, relaxing and joyful music for writing, soothing slower music for relaxing or going to sleep.  It’s all so wonderfully customizable with playlists.  They’re just one more reason that I’m so thankful that God gave us Technological Tools.

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