Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Impressions - Big Picture Check

This past week has left me rather exhausted. It was one of those weeks where it seemed like everything had to be done the hard way. Not everything that could have gone wrong did, but it was certainly trying. I find that during these times, God is usually teaching me Patience.

I wasn’t learning the lesson very well. By Thursday I was quite frustrated. I went about my morning routine of juicing (several things had already gone wrong by this time).  I started juicing a clump of grapes that my husband had taken off of the stems, and was busy trying to get them in the juicer without bouncing back at me.  I didn’t realize that the little pour spout was lifted, which stops the juice from exiting the juicer, which means it fills up... and eventually overflows.  This little setback also made me late for work.

After that, I got in the car to drive to work, knowing that my attitude wasn’t what it should be. I talked to God about it a bit (a little afraid He was going to allow my drive to be difficult as well), and found a small measure of peace I had at least gotten that far. I told Him I knew this had to be for my good, but I wasn’t particularly happy with Him at the moment. I asked for His strength to change my attitude.

The change didn’t come until later that day. I was listening to K-Love and the song “It’s a Good Day” by FFH came on. The chorus has the line “Jesus is Lord and I am saved so, say hey - it’s a good day.” I took a deep breath and said “Yes! That’s the attitude adjustment I needed!” It’s amazing how simple it can be to shift an attitude once you find the right tool to change it. I needed a big picture check. I could be thankful He saved me, and He is Lord. 

I was still exhausted, but it was like God swept all of my negative feelings away with that big picture check. I knew He knew what I was feeling, and it wasn’t like God pushed a button and everything was fixed, but the attitude adjustment had come, and now I could actually move on to enjoy the rest of my day.

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