Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weekly Impressions - Seek Ye First

When I think of the verse “ first His kingdom and His righteousness...”  (Matthew 6:33a), it’s often a nebulous “Oh yes, seek God first in all things,” but I don’t have a clear picture of what that looks like.  In essence, it means to seek God’s will in all things.  Okay... what does that look like?

Take relationships, for example.  I am to seek His will in my relationships with others.  He is to always be on my mind.  What would God have me do with or for this person right now?  What would God have me say?  Or, perhaps more easily understandable, how can I portray God’s image - His glory, grace, fruit of the spirit, etc. - in this moment?

I had forgotten this mindset, and was glad that the Lord gave me a classic example of what happens when I don’t pursue that mindset.  The example was in my relationship with my family, which I think is the easiest place to let my spiritual guard down.  I was having a difficult time with my son, needed to make myself breakfast, and was waiting for my husband to relieve me of taking care of the little man.  Where was my mindset?  On the fact that I had needs that weren’t being met.  I certainly wasn’t thinking about how best to portray God’s image to my family, and I was pretty frustrated and put out as a result.

It wasn’t until my husband had taken our son, and I was cooking breakfast that the Lord recalled to my mind what I had written just the night before on Relationships.  A fine example I was of what I “preached.”  I was not putting God first and living in the resulting joy.

So, I have confessed my sin before God and my husband, and am beginning anew in His grace (also seen through my husband).  I am so thankful for the Lord’s Grace, and look forward to improving my walk with Him through His guidance.  He Teaches me more as time goes on.  May I seek His will in all things.

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