Thursday, November 7, 2013

Help with Chores

In his endeavor to lead our family, my husband has asked me for a list of the chores that I would like to get done (specifically on the house) and the reason why I would like to do them (including my set time frames, etc.)  For the most part, they were fairly self-explanatory, but the exercise helped me to get a bit of practice at telling him my desire behind the desire, so-to-speak.  

For example, I desire to vacuum once a week because it makes it take less time to vacuum, since the dirt hasn’t had as much time to settle.  The desire behind this, of course, is that I desire a clean home, because I desire to honor God and a healthy environment for my family.  There’s quite a trail there to get to the root desire, and the more I follow those trails back, the better I can communicate my desires to my husband, and the better opportunity he has to take those into Consideration, and to lead our family well.

After discussing my list with him - and the desires behind it - he has begun to help me here and there with chores (score!).  He will plan our time so that I have a little time to get a few done, and he helps me so that we can make the most of our time.  We are working together.  It has really become less that he’s helping me and more that I’m helping him - which is exactly the way it should be.  Not that I don’t have responsibility, but that he is truly the one in charge and directing our family.

I am thankful for his help with chores, for the love he shows through it, and for the unity we experience in it.  I thank the Lord for His work in my husband, and I pray that my focus remains steadfast in serving my Savior through serving my husband, lest I place my goals or my husband on the throne of my heart instead of God.

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