Tuesday, November 26, 2013

His Tech Skills

Today was a stay home sick day.  It was also the last day of class for the Marriage and Family course of the Cornerstone Biblical Counseling Training Center.  This counseling training center is run through our church, of which I happen to be the secretary.  The last day of class means the first day of registration for the next course (which will be “Level 3:  Advanced Issues”), evaluation forms, certificates of completion, a cake (to be picked up from Costco), and the usual Keynote slides, teacher notes, and student handouts.  It would have been a very busy day at work.

Fortunately for me, I have willing coworkers, and a crazy tech guru for a husband.  So, despite staying home sick, I was able to remotely share my work computer’s screen, as well as access the files on the server at our church.  This meant that I was still able to create the slides for the presentation, as well as the student handout off of the teacher notes that the teacher sent me.  This also meant that I could print them all on the printer at work (sweet!).  (I also could have done the evaluations, registration forms, and certificates of completion given these tools, but my coworkers blessedly dealt with those for me so that I could get a little rest.)

Without my husband’s tech skills, I never would have been able to do all of that from home, and may even have needed to go into work today, at least for a little while.  This is but one example of why I am thankful for his tech skills, as he has given me a great many tools on my computer, iPhone, and AppleTV, not to mention even having those things.  Then there’s the projector, our awesome speakers, my midi controller keyboard (complete with hammered keys!), and our home network.  You can tell it’s one of his hobbies.  (Expensive, yes, but who isn’t willing to save and spend money on a hobby - especially one with such perks!)

All this to say that my husband’s tech skills have a significant (and positive) impact on my life.  I am thankful that God gave him the skill and passion for it, and I enjoy supporting him in it.  What are some of your spouse’s skills that you might be thankful for?

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