Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Families

Both of our families live in the area, so Thanksgiving is a bit of a shuffle between houses from one dinner to the next, but it’s worth it.  Unfortunately, I was sick this year, and so we were unable to make it to both.  We didn’t want to get the one family sick, but the other had given it to me, and the cold had already run its course through their bodies.  While we missed the one family, at least we did get to attend one Thanksgiving dinner with family.

One thing that I truly appreciate about both of our families (aside from getting to spend time with them!) is that they all support us in our marriage.  We are all here for one another, and can lean on one another during times of struggle.  Our families have both been through those hard times with us, and I am truly thankful for their love and support, without which things would have been even more difficult.

Are you struggling in your marriage right now?  If so, have you reached out to the support that God has given you in your family or close friends?  Even if they don’t know how to answer (should you have a question), their support can be a welcome relief.  If the problem is ongoing, perhaps it is time to prayerfully consider biblical counseling, if you haven’t already.  The Lord always provides the tools that we need to carry out His will and commands; we just need to be willing to use them, and to take the time and discipline required to then carry out His will.

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