Friday, November 22, 2013

Time Relaxing Together

Tonight was a lovely evening of time spent together with my husband.  We arrived home much earlier than usual, and made use of the time to relax and attend to our hobbies while still spending time with each other.  

First, we watched the most recent of an anime show that we enjoy.  Then, we listened to our current audiobook.  We let it play most of the night as we did other things.

I decided to take a break from working on my book’s formatting (almost done! I think...), and knitted awhile, enjoying the relaxation.  I did also get the laundry done.  My husband worked a bit on sharpening the plane he plans to use (which is pretty neat, since it was my great grandfather’s) when we paint our interior doors.  Our kitty came in and out during the evening, and we had put our son to bed upon arriving home.

It was wonderful to spend some time relaxing with my husband.  He even gave me a massage, too.  I do rather love spending time with my sweetheart, and we don’t often get to relax together.  I usually think that I should always be doing something productive, which seems to translate as always being busy.  Yet, I think, it is good to relax while being productive, too.  If you can find something like that - and even to be able to do it in company with your husband who is doing the same - then I think you will find a measure of God’s blessing in feeling content and fulfilled.

That’s not to say that you do, in fact, always have to be productive.  That is something slightly below a conviction for me that I wrestle with, but enjoy when I can satiate the feeling.  Though if you really wanted to split hairs, rest itself is, in fact productive, when used wisely.  

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