Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trips to the Store

We have been intending to go to the store for a little while now, as there are a few sundry groceries that we need to buy.  Actually getting there has been the trick.  My husband meant to go yesterday, while I was out having fun, but forgot.  So I found a little time tonight after the little man went to sleep.

Thanks to grandparents, I was able to leave, and even had the luxury to take my time.  I prefer to take my time at the store for the simple reason that I often forget things.  Even with lists, as I peruse through the store, I often find things that I forgot to add.  I find it fulfilling to be able to take a trip to the store when my husband can’t - especially if I can take my time and be sure that I bought everything that we needed.

I am thankful for trips to the store, that in them, the Lord provides a way for me to serve my husband (and family).  I’m not much of a homemaker, but I am finding the desire to learn more and more of late.  (I think that, in part, I have this thankful exercise to thank for that; I see more and more of what my husband does for me, and want to do things for him in return.)  As the Lord brings to light new ways in which I can serve my husband, I find myself thankful for them.  (Not that a trip to the store was new, but the Lord has begun to show me new ways.)  When my heart is in the right place, it is a blessing to serve.

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