Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekly Impressions - My Leader

I think I have mentioned my husband’s leadership in every post this week... and that simply testifies to the immense impact it has had on our relationship.  I am very thankful for this higher step in his leadership.  It has made it a lot easier to understand my role as a wife, and how to support him.  Things just seem to fall into place (easier).

When he takes leadership and plans our day, I have a goal to work toward with him.  I submit my own ideas for his consideration, and he works out how to incorporate them.  Then, as the day progresses, we are able to achieve our goals.  If you have gone through Financial Peace University (with Dave Ramsey), you are familiar with the idea of spending every dollar in your budget.  It is much the same, except with our time and resources in our marriage to meet our goals.  And, just as that pre-spent dollar goes further, our pre-planned time and resources accomplish more, and with more efficiency.

It has only been a week, and I haven’t encountered one of the tough times in which I need to submit despite disagreement.  I actually look forward to it, though, because it will help us (me, more specifically) to grow.  It will test my communication, which will help me to practice it better, and it will grow my understanding of the Lord’s way of doing things, as I learn more of the how and why to submit when I disagree.  I thank the Lord for His perspective, and pray for His patience during the future time when I am called to submit despite my disagreement. 

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