Wednesday, January 8, 2014

His Perseverance

Our Pantry Project has turned out a bit like any project that we’ve tried to perform on our fixer-upper home:  problems at every step.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much planning or preparation goes into it, inevitably:  something is missing; something unexpected pops up requiring more tools or materials; or something just goes wrong.  My poor husband is a bit frustrated as you can imagine, but has persevered nonetheless, for which I am proud of him.

It’s easy to place expectations on something that I have planned for, and when things go sour, it is also easy to let my feelings move beyond disappointment to frustration or anger, etc.  I see this happening in my husband, too, but whereas in the past, he has subsequently “thrown in the towel,” now he continues to press on.  I pray that I can be a great support to him, and a partner who can point him back to God.

I must admit that when I try to point him back to God, I often feel that the words are trite, or may even exacerbate the situation.  My conviction, though, is that I should still do it.  Even if the words I think of aren’t the best, it is still my job as his wife to point him back to Christ.  I work on the words to use, but I shouldn’t keep silent if they aren’t perfect.  Granted, there are certain situations where it is best to wait.  Today, however, as he had a moment of frustration, all I could think to say was something like, “I’m glad the Lord has a reason.”

I don’t want to always call him out, but I do want to point him to the Lord, and I think, however, trite it may have been, that I was able to accomplish that today.  The Lord will use my words as He sees fit.  I pray that God did use my words to help my husband today, and I thank Him for my husband’s perseverance.

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