Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weekly Impressions - Thank You, Lord

Dear Lord,

I just want to thank You for all that You are doing in my life and in the lives of others.  Help me to be more cognizant of even a tiny portion of those things, so that I might live constantly in the knowledge of You.  When I look at the world, may I always see You, Your glory, and Your Victory.  

Lord, help me to be a magnifying glass of Your works.  May my life be ever and only a  testimony of You.  Help me to be intentional in following You as a disciple.  Help me to keep my focus staid upon You, so that my life is simply an overflow of Your goodness and mercy and grace.

Thank You for Your leading.  Thank You for Your Love, Grace, mercy, and for redeeming me from my sin.  Thank You for Keeping My Soul.  Thank You for the material things that You give us like Laptops and Disposable Diapers and Camelbaks.  Thank You for the Truth and Wisdom that You give us to govern the other things that You have entrusted to us, and to reveal that truth and wisdom to others.

Thank You for the work that You do in our hearts.  May we, Your children, rise up and praise You.

In Jesus’ Risen Name,

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