Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Same Old Things

In this venture for 1,000 thankful things, I have set my own stipulation of not repeating a thankful thing as the central theme for a post.  That does not, however, mean that I was not thankful for “the same old things” in a given day.  I find myself thankful for some of those things virtually every day, like Love, Grace, and even Trees.  Others arise periodically, like Blossoms, Handwriting, or Cut Flowers (which I just received for my birthday - fresh cut sunflowers from their garden!).

While I enjoy discovering more of God in seeking a new thankful thing for each post, I am also thankful to be able to dwell on the past thankful things.  It’s almost as if each new thankful thing is an arrow that I get to add to my quiver - an arrow that I can always retrieve, because whether I can or not, God always slays the monster.  Whether that monster is worry or depression, anger or bitterness, pride or selfishness.  God will always have the Victory.

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