Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cut Flowers

I had one last flower on my potted cyclamen, and though its petals were still vibrant, the stem had wilted to my desktop.  So in honor of spring, I did something that I’ve only done enough times to count on one hand:  I put it behind my ear.  

I was never a girly-girl and it felt weird whenever I had tried, so I just didn’t duplicate the experience.  I’ve been feeling a little more adventurous in the girly-girl department lately.  (You know, like I actually painted and filed my nails... not in that order.)  I suppose I’ve been looking for a little something different of late.  A little something to jazz things up.  Not much - just a bit.  

Well, it’s spring, and cut flowers have been just the ticket!  I was tending my african violets at home, and accidentally broke off a perfectly good stem of flowers.  No big - I’ll pop it in my ear and enjoy it awhile!  An arrangement of cut flowers on the table adds just a little flair to the room.  Just enough spice to add some flavor, but not enough to change the whole dish.

I am thankful for cut flowers, that God uses His creation of color, vibrance, and originality to add a little something to our day.  Sometimes, He even adds fragrance.  All-in-all, a rather pleasant and enjoyable experience.  Especially if they’re from your own plants!

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