Thursday, January 9, 2014

His Work

The fact that I keep returning to this Pantry Project tells me that it’s a bit of a big deal in our lives - and there is much about it that I am thankful for.  My husband was able to return home today while I was at work and Nani babysat the little man.  There is much to be done yet, but I think he made a fair dent in it today.  

He capped off the other water pipe in the wall, cut out the tile for the rest of the cabinets, cut off the very bottom of the current broom closet so that we could move it, scraped off the popcorn ceiling it had left, and drywalled over the opening where a set of cabinets is that we’ll eventually open into our room.  He may well have done more, but that was what I saw.  Each time he works on our home, I feel taken care of.  Even if (and when) the project doesn’t go well, I know that he’s working toward making our home better.  His Perseverance in the matter reenforces that feeling, because it tells me that he means it.  His progress on it shows the Lord’s blessing, and I am thankful for that, too.

I am thankful that my husband works to better our living space.  I am thankful for his love shown through it, for his perseverance in it, and for the Lord’s work in our lives throughout.  I pray for the Lord’s continued blessing, and for the words and actions to encourage my husband.

Is there something someone does for you that you haven’t thanked them for or encouraged them in lately?

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