Monday, August 19, 2013


I found a Pattern on for a hat that I really like.  I had everything that I needed to start it, but not to finish it.  It’s a good thing I know people.  They come in quite handy, you know.

For awhile, I had despaired of knitting hats, because I had had trouble with the double-pointed needles.  I picked up my “abandoned” hat project over Vacation and discovered that it was no longer such an issue.  This opens up an entirely new world of possibilities within my Knitting hobby.  It does, however, require more needles, which require money, which is a bit tight at the moment.

Enter the borrowing - with permission, of course.  Friends are quite wonderful that way, especially ones who share the same hobby.  (They give helpful advice!)  I am thankful to have friends who share my hobby, and that one not only had the item I needed, but was more than willing to lend it.  I see God’s love through it.  Not simply because of the love that my friend exhibits in the lending, but that through God’s orchestration, I received a Small Desire.  I hope to finish the hat tomorrow!

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