Friday, March 22, 2013

I had heard about Ravelry before, but hadn’t really taken the time to look at it.  Lately, however, I’ve been developing the desire to knit myself a dress or skirt.  There aren’t many of those (1 or 2?) in the catalogs that I get, so I knew I’d have to try a google search or something, which would mean a lot of research to find one I liked, find the yarn, purchase it all, and hope that the pattern was good.

Then my friend physically showed me, where all of that has already been done!  I am now a big fan.  You can search by pretty specific criteria to narrow down what you’re looking for, which makes finding a desirable item much faster and easier.  You can purchase and download the pattern right there, or they provide a link to where you can.  You can see what yarn is recommended, and it takes you to a place where you can purchase the yarn.  

Now it gets fun.  Other people who have used the pattern can post their photos of the finished product, any possible changes they may have made, any yarns that they recommend, and they can rate the pattern, as well as how easy the pattern was.  Not only is everything in one place, but you get a creative idea brainstorm!  That’s my kind of website.

I am thankful that God created a place (through human hands) for crafters to easily and quickly trade information.  I haven’t selected which dress or skirt to make yet, but I have compiled a group from which to narrow down my selection.  Ravelry should make this so much easier.  I pray that I don’t get so wrapped up in the tool designed to save me time, that I actually lose time!

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