Monday, April 28, 2014

Going to the Bathroom

Dear Lord,

I find it somewhat strange, and yet appropriate to find myself thankful for going to the bathroom.  It is, after all, a function You created.  It just isn’t something I talk much about.  I do, however, see a measure of Your mercy in my life through going to the bathroom.  When my digestive issues kick in, my only relief is going to the bathroom, and it’s generally difficult to do.  And so, today, I found myself quite thankful when the moment came on three occasions when I was able to go to the bathroom.

Thank You, Lord, that I can be thankful for something so basic.  I’m glad to no longer be under the presupposition that there is more merit in being thankful for something more grandiose or complicated.  To be thankful to You for the simple things is just as edifying to me and glorifying to You.  Thank You for that teaching, and for Your patience with me in teaching it.  I love You, Lord.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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