Monday, April 14, 2014

"Jesus Loves Me"

Dear Lord,

It’s one of the cutest things to hear my little man reciting the words to the song “Jesus Loves Me.”  It’s also a bit comforting to know that the words are in his head, even if he doesn’t really understand the meaning, yet.  That will come in Your own time.  Thank You for the song “Jesus Loves Me,” that it provides an easy way - that sticks - for my two-year-old to learn about You.

I find myself singing it now and then, too.  Even if it is intended to help children learn about You, it’s even a great reminder for adults.  It’s a two-fold reminder to me.  First, it’s a reminder that You love me, and second, it’s a reminder that I am to follow You with faith like a child.  It is to be my attitude that, in comparison with You, I am only a child.  That reminds me to be humble - because the reality is, that I am nothing next to You.  Thank You for Your love to reach down to me in the midst of that nothing and to then give me Your righteousness and Your strength to do Your will.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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