Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Knowing My Skills

Dear Lord,

I thank You that You have helped me to realize my skills.  Knowing what I am and am not good at is not only instrumental, but also a bit freeing, and makes it easier to say, “Yes,” or “No,” to requests.  For example, I’m not good at organizing people, but I am good at organizing tasks or things.  I’m good at routing calls, people, and things to where they need to go, but I’m not good at being the person with the final say.  I’m good at singing, writing, acting, dancing, and knitting.  I would not have known these things had I not tried them; thank You for the courage to try new things.

Thank You, Lord that I can put these skills to Your use.  I pray that You would continue to draw my focus to how I can use those talents for You.  I thank You, too, for the miracle that You can turn my knowledge on its head, and equip me out of the blue for Your calling, rather than calling me because I’m equipped.  Not that You always do this, certainly.  Bearing in mind Your power to do so, however, is a humbling thing that can keep me on my toes.  It encourages me to try a little something new every now and then, time and family allowing.  You keep things interesting!

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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