Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Practicing Your Presence

Psalm 16:11b
“In Your presence is fullness of joy…”

Dear Lord,

I love Your presence.  The more I “practice Your presence” - or intentionally keep Your presence in mind - the more I want to.  Knowing that You’re there, that You’re sovereign over this moment, that You have my good (and Your glory!) in mind, and that I can share each moment with You brings me great joy.  Thank You for my baptism through Your spirit, that I can die to my old self, and rise to walk in newness of life - with You!

Lord, keep me focused on You, and I thank You for the joy that brings.  You give so many gifts, and I am overcome with awe.  I just want to reach out and hug You… and then climb on Your lap and wrap Your arms around me… and just smile in Your joy.  Thank You, Lord, that, though I can certainly revel in the joy of Your presence, You also give me ways to serve You - through the power of Your Son.  Thank You for the choice You give me to follow You, and for Your encouragement in that “task.”  Thank You that, though I have nothing to offer, You gave me Your Holy Spirit who works through me to give offerings of service back to You.  You’re amazing!

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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