Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flash Drives

Today was one of those somewhat slow days until the last hour of the work day.  Then it got hectic - and the work day became longer.  We wanted to get some street signage to direct people to our Easter service, which is at a different location this year, and I had never handled any printing or graphics that large.  So we had a call in to someone who did, but - as always - we waited until the last minute.

So now it was down to the wire and I worked up a little something simple, having called around to get an inkling of the options available.  However, the person did call toward the end of the day, and we worked up a much better sign.  She had lots of helpful tips.  

Now the problem was getting it to the company for printing.  I had already stayed an extra hour at work by this time.  I hadn’t realized it, but the file was 677Mb... that’s a big file (and would explain why the computer took soooo loooong, lol).  How was I going to get something that big to the company?  Now that I thought about it, I actually had two files that size.  That’s over a gig... I remembered that I had a flash drive in my Backpack, and quickly checked it for the size... 8GB - yes!  The company was local, so I could hand deliver it with my flash drive.  Thank the Lord!

I am thankful that God provided me with a flash drive to fit the bill, and for the relief that it provided me in that moment.  I made it to the company with fifteen minutes to spare.  How’s that for God’s Schedule?

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