Monday, March 18, 2013


If it weren’t for windshields, I think cars would be used more like an amusement park ride rather than traveling places at higher speeds.  It would be very difficult to see and your eyes would dry out quickly, not to mention the bugs, etc. and your immensely tangled and dried out hair.  (Windblown hair - especially at high speeds - is quite difficult to detangle.)  

At the very least, traveling by car would have to be done at a slower speed, which would mean that we would have to live closer to town.  In that case, we wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy a house, we would be renting.  Toting children around like that - especially babies - would also get very old very quickly, and be rather miserable.

Instead, we have the ability to travel at very high speeds with little effect upon our physical bodies (moving sickness aside).  I am thankful that God made windshields so that we can use Cars to travel farther and faster.  What small thing in your life would have big repercussions if God hadn’t provided it?

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